Thursday, January 29, 2009

Looking toward third quarter

As I wrap up second quarter grades and start my planning for the second half of the year, I find myself stressed, eager, and ready for change. I am increasing the depth I want my juniors to go into with the outside reading project and personal journals. I was disappointed by many ofthe assignments I received, or didn't receive, from students second quarter. I know they can do better. I have revamped and improved, at least in my opinion, many of the remaining units for the year. I am also streamlining and organizing this website so that my juniors and freshmen will each have their own pages. The main page will provide basic info, but also more of a forum for me to explain to my students, their parents, administrators, and anyone else who reads this why I make the decisions I make. Look for "wholesale change" in the coming weeks!

Juniors: For info on Of Mice and Men, your outside reading, or personal journals, as well as any and all info for your class, follow this link the one on the side of the page.