Friday, September 12, 2008

Accel 11 - Writing Assignment 1

In a well-written, organized 2-3 page essay with strong voice and few spelling and/or grammar errors, please address one of the following prompts.

Option 1: Discuss how Arthur Miller’s diction affects the tone and message of the play. Be specific and use examples.

Option 2: Discuss how the characterization of a major character affects how readers interpret the character. In other words, does what and how we learn about a character affect our opinions of him/her?

Option 3: Discuss how the allegorical nature of the play either increases or decreases the power of the play.

*All final drafts should be typed and double-spaced with a proper heading and title. Paragraphs should be indented and there should not be extra spaces between paragraphs.
*If you would like me to preview a first draft, then I will need a hard copy by Thurs. 9/18.
*Final draft due Friday, October 3, by 2 p.m., via hard copy.