Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Outcasts of Poker Flat

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Analyzing Literature #1-3
Regional literature captures the atmosphere, or mood, of an area, by showing the region's habits, speech, appearance and customs.
1. What specific details of the setting does Harte use to create a portrait of the California landscape?
2. Find three examples of a character's use of western dialect (speaking like they're from the West).
3. Explain why you think the story would not be effective if the setting were changed.

Critical Thinking and Reading #1-2
What guesses about the attitudes of the people of Poker Flat can you make from each of the following passages?
1. "A few of the committee had urged hanging him as a possible example, and a sure method of reimbursing themselves from his pocket of the sums he had won from them."
2. " 'It's a fine justice,' said Jim Wheeler, 'to let this yer young man - an entire stranger - carry away our money.' "